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About Us

Seafood Boil: Primarily rooted in the Southern Gulf Coast, the Carolinas, and the New England coast, seafood boils started as a communal eating experience and grew into a beloved tradition. We have redefined the classic seafood boil with a modern taste! With a warm and contemporary design, the Boilery at East Village is ready to satisfy your seafood tastebuds. 

Grill: Inspired by trips to Thailand, the simplicity of keeping the seafood fresh and simple while allowing the original flavors and ingredients to shine has given rise to our many Thai-inspired dishes. 

The Boilery serves up a variety of seafood in addition to great grilled items for the land lover. Grab your crew, roll up your sleeves and dive in (pun intended). 


Our seafood are all freshly steamed to retain that savory seafood flavors and our unique signature sauces will give your taste buds a run with endless flavors.

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